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Travel to and from Sea Dragon

When making your travel arrangements it’s important to remember that sailing is subject to changeable sea conditions and the weather, so some leeway should be made in your plans for unpredictable delays and to give yourself time to allow for any holdups. You might be able to connect with other crew members in your travels to and from the boat.

Pangaea is not responsible for your flights in the event of a delay to the schedule.

Our team will be glad to give you as much advice as we can on travel logistics.

Communications on board

Remember that there is no internet on board, but you can send/receive short emails through the satellite phone via an offline email service called XGate.  Please inform anyone planning to email you to keep their emails as short as possible, remove any previous message thread, not to use text formatting, email signatures or file attachments.  Remember you’ll need to write out and bring with you any email addresses you want.

If you want to blog, please arrange to email a friend/colleague who can upload the blog for you.

If you would like to use the satellite phone, then the following charges apply:

– Very short incoming and outgoing email messages = no charge

–  Sending photographs as attachments and long chunks of text = $0.10US per kB of data.  So a 20 –  30kB image (this is what we usually send and is OK for web) is $2-3US

– Outgoing phone calls (incoming not possible) = $1.50US per minute

You will receive a bill on departure for any costs incurred using the sat phone.

Electricity Usage

We have limited supplies of US plugs, 120VAC power for personal use. There are 12/24 VDC charging sockets available.

Kit List

We recommend you pack very light.  Pack in a small, squashy duffle-type bag, not hard suitcases as there is no room to store them on board.  Your storage space will be in a box next to your bunk, dimensions – 50cm x 40cm x 26cm.   Please avoid bringing anything in plastic packaging that will need to be thrown away.  Click here for our Kit List.


 For addition information about life on board Sea Dragon, please see our FAQs page or contact us via