IMG 9903

Gyre to Gaia II: The island of Graciosa in the distance

Aug 06 2015

The island of Graciosa is now just visible ahead of us, looming out of the early morning. The weather has not been so generous to us for the past 24 hours, and today we have low cloud and strong winds, though thankfully not on the nose, but foulie conditions nonetheless. Amazingly, none of the crew have been seasick on this voyage, although some have felt queasy and tired, probably due to the watchkeeping regime and motion medication.

We hope to find some shelter from the wind under Graciosa, where we plan to carry out our final trawls. These will give Adam a useful comparison between island and open ocean waters. Then we will sail the remaining 25 miles down the east coast of Lanzarote to Arrecife, our final destination on this trip.

– Dai Rice, Skipper, Sea Dragon, Gyre to Gaia II, August 6, 2015