Great Lakes Expedition


Join Pangaea Explorations on our latest expedition to gather the stories of the Great Lakes, while sharing our vision of the sea.

Pangaea is about to undertake one of their most ambitious and exciting expeditions to date. Sea Dragon, Pangaea’s research sailing vessel, is now preparing to set sail on its first mission into the vast, exquisite fresh water bodies known as Great Lakes.

Together with educators, researchers, students, families and friends, the Pangaea Exploration is preparing to experience all that the Great Lakes ecosystem has to offer. We aim to discover the untold stories of the Lakes and their people, and share them with our followers and friends all over North America.

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Expedition Legs
Sat 13
Jul 2013
Montreal, Quebec to Toronto, Ontario
Sun 21
Jul 2013
Young Adventurers Program
Fri 2
Aug 2013
Cleveland to Chicago
Sun 18
Aug 2013
Chicago, Illinois to Windsor, Ontario
Thu 5
Sep 2013
Cleveland to Toronto
Sun 15
Sep 2013
Toronto to Quebec City
Mon 23
Sep 2013
Quebec City to Halifax
Sat 5
Oct 2013
Halifax to Bermuda