Sam Snorkel

Good Food, Good Fun, and Valuable Life Lessons.

Mar 14 2014


The crew woke up and started the day with an awesome 7:30 breakfast which consisted of savory french toast bites and delicious scrambled eggs cooked by Christine and Courtney, our two chefs for the day. We then went along with our plans to go kite mapping and drove the boat to the location on Little Cayman, we were supposed to fly kites. On the way there, Keene showed us his clever delicate camera holding apperatus which he created himself rom a soda bottle. Once we arrived to this location, Keene noticed that there was not enough wind to fly a kite. Luckily we anchored the boat right above a wreck. A sign from the snorkeling gods. Obviously. We spent about an hour and a half at the site exploring the reefs and the wreck below the boat. Afterwards our chefs prepared a quinoa salad which was just as awesome as the breakfast they prepared. then we prepared the boat to go to Cayman Brac.


Upon arriving to Cayman Brac, the crews energy was slowly being drained due to the intense heat and lack of wind. Once we were moored, we realized we were, once again, right above a wreck. Another sign. So in order to please the snorkeling gods we spent the next hour and a half cooling off in the water where we were greeted by some southern sting rays and nurse sharks. A rope was also set up so goons could swing off the side of the boat into the water. It was pretty cool. After the refreshing snorkel session, Keene gave the crew a lecture out on the deck of the boat on video camera and filming information. After the lecture, Courtney and Christine got fancy and prepared chicken and tempeh curry. When everyone finished dinner, we cleaned up the deck and then started Eric’s interesting lecture on VHF and marine communication. Personally my favorite part was learning about the phonetic alphabet. Then, we watched the movie Deep Waters, which is about the wreck we will be exploring tomorrow on Cayman Brac.


Also, Eric’s valuable life lesson of the day: hoses that are used for poop are at least 1.5 inches in diameter.


I spell,

Kilo Indiana Mike (aka Kim Noble)