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Miami Boatshow and Tortugas

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Panama Canal

A journey from Panama to Florida along the Panama canal.

Sealion Sm


Sailing, diving and remote island exploration around the Galapagos.


Central Pacific Uninhabited with WHOI

A fast sail from Mexico to Hawaii with experienced Ocean Skipper Dale Selvam.


Northern Line Islands

An expedition to see what causes this shift on the reef and how to best manage and restore these reefs back to their original state.



An expedition from Japan - just over 1 year after the 3-11-2011 tsunami hit - to the Japan Tsunami Debris Field, then onto Maui, Hawaii.


Mexico to Hawaii

A fast sail from Mexico to Hawaii with experienced Ocean Skipper Dale Selvam.


Vancouver to San Francisco

After several major public events, the team sailed from downtown Vancouver, out through beautifully forested bays and into the open Pacific.

Photo Of Fish Caught And Photographed By Marcus Eriksen

North Pacific Gyre

The first dedicated survey of plastic accumulation in the fourth of the oceans major Gyres.


Line Islands

A survey of Christmas Island itself as well as visits to Teraina and Tabuaeran.


North Cook Islands

An expedition around the remote islands of Suwarrow, Manihiki, Penrhyn and Starbuck to survey the less inhabited or uninhabited islands.



A film, dive and island focused expedition using the sailing boat as a base.


Pacific Island Survey

An expedition from Tahiti – Cooks – Christmas Island – Hawaii focusing on the inhabited Southern Cook Islands, the remote uninhabited Northern Cook Islands and the Northern Line Islands.

Toby Salz41

South Pacific Gyre II

An expedition from Easter Island to Tahiti gave the 5 Gyres team a chance to conduct the first dedicated survey of plastic accumulation in this vast ocean region.


South Pacific Gyre I

An expedition studying both high seas research and island based research travelling from Chile to Easter Island.



Sea Dragon closed out almost two years of work in the South Atlantic with a dramatic sail from Punta del Este, Uruguay through the the southern tip of the Continent and on to the Pacific.

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South Atlantic Gyre

Sea Dragon left from Cape Town to sail through the South Atlantic Gyre researching plastic accumulation.

Swimming With Trash

South Atlantic Gyre

The first ever trans-Atlantic survey for marine plastics from St. Thomas, USVI through to Bermuda and then on to the Portuguese Azores Islands.

Beneath Sea Dragon

Jaseur Seamount

Exploring the uncharted seamounts of the South Atlantic with a technical dive team and videographer

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Ascension Island

Sea Dragon sails from Rio de Janeiro to Ascension Islands through the South Atlantic Gyre researching plastic pollution with 5 Gyres Institute

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