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Writing at Sea

A nature-inspired writing journey that takes you out of your comfort zone

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Dominican Republic

Led by an experienced and multidisciplinary team of educators, our Exploration Science Program is specifically designed to prepare scientists to lead open ocean expeditions.

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Filming Humpback Whales

Filming with the BBC

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Exploring Mindset

Combining an ocean voyage with a programme of specialist workshops designed to stimulate and focus your passions and areas of expertise into an effective future path, Emily Penn and Dave Cornthwaite led a life-changing 8-day journey across the Caribbean, on S.V Sea Dragon.

XX Kaleidoscope


An all female crew on a scientific research mission across the Atlantic creating an inspiring narrative of female leadership, personal and environmental awareness, and cultural change space aboard the Sea Dragon Yacht, a scientific exploration vessel.

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Gyre to Gaia

Gyre to Gaia is an uplifting voyage - from the UK to Azores and Azores to Lanzarote - that aims to explore our intriguing relationship with nature in general and the sea in particular – with a focus on one of the most challenging ecological issues; ocean plastic pollution.

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Baltic Sea

A sailing trip with scientists, policymakers, and journalists in the amazing Baltic Sea - 7 days filled with sailing, science and life-time experiences.

Kims Bowline

Cayman Islands

Exploration science programme around the Cayman Islands.

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Exploring Mindset

A trip across the Caribbean for a series of workshops designed to guide you to reaching your potential in a changing world.

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Ocean Cleanup

This trip was a great success, working out kinks in a brand-new design, stress-testing it in very rough conditions, and finishing in St. Thomas with the first successful multi-level trawls.

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Cleveland to Toronto

Beginning in Cleveland, this 5 day trip took the crew across the waters of Lake Erie, towards the Welland Canal


Chicago to Windsor

This trip was part of our Educators on Board program, encouraging science and arts teachers from across North America to get involved in Great Lakes research and education.

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Great Lakes | Outreach

Sunset On The Locks

Young Adventurer’s Programme

A family orientated trip from Cleveland across the waters of Lake Erie, towards the Welland Canal.

Training Montreal

Montreal to Toronto

In collaboration with Dr. Sherri Mason of SUNY Fredonia, Pangaea Explorations held a 7 day Environmental Research and Communications Course aboard Seadragon.

Seadragon In Mist

Newport to Quebec

From Newport to Montreal via the Bay of Fundy.

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5 Gyres

An exploration of the North Atlantic Gyre on a shorter mission to the Sargasso Sea.

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Haul Out at Key West

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