There’s always time for the first time | Gyre Expedition

Nov 18 2013

Photo via @allardfaas

There are lots of first times on this ship for me, like first time out on the ocean ever, first time driving a 22 meter yacht toward a tropical squall and the first time I have ever seen a flying fish! And as a real city boy, I thought they only existed in BBC Planet Earth. What may have impressed me the most was a plastic bucket top I saw during a 1 hour plastic watch I did with Boyan. We counted 6 pieces of plastic all together observing a width of 40m from the boat.  At first I thought, 6 isn’t much but when you consider there is a whole lot of hours in the day and 40m width from the boat is insignificant in this ocean… Now you do the math. I think it’s time to start trawling tomorrow!

– Allard from The Ocean Cleanup

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