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First Mate Emily Penn to speak at the Royal Geographic Society & Schools Programme

Nov 04 2013

PacifctoLondon_EmilyPennforwebFresh from an extraordinary voyage across the Pacific Ocean, Emily Penn will share her insights on how remote island communities are adapting to their changing world, the transition to a money-based society, and the opportunities and challenges this brings.

Emily sailed to the Line Islands of Kiribati by the only means possible: a sailing cargo ship trading western supplies for coconuts. Her aim: to create a proposal for a zero waste community – rather than waste disposal – before it’s too late.

Emily relates her experiences to the current course of wider society; how tackling global issues – such as waste, water and energy – on an island scale, can help us see solutions to problems in our own society.

Emily has also launched her one-for-one schools programme: selling art to support environmental education in schools. For every print sold, Emily will deliver an environmental education talk in a school for free, one for one. She’ll even write on the back of the picture which school you’re supporting. You can view the art on Emily’s blog.

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