Many of our crew successfully fundraise the amount required to join an expedition.  The possibilities for this are endless but here are a few to get you started:


– Fundriase through friends, family and the generous online community at

First check out how some past crew managed to raise thousands of dollars towards their expeditions.

Michael Lutman

Mary Maxwell

Karen Ristuben

If you’re in New Zealand, check out


– Ask a local company or business to sponsor you as a crew.

What you ‘the crew’ has to offer: You can crew on the boat as a representative of their company, to carry out research, analyse the results and report back to them afterwards.  You could deliver a presentation to their staff, contribute to an ongoing blog during the expedition, make them a book of photographs or a short film on return or brainstorm with them on how they can make their business more sustainable.

What we ‘Pangaea Exploration’ has to offer: We can acknowledge the company on our website as a sponsor for the duration of the expedition.  We can provide a live link through to their website.  We will mention them at least ten times through our social media and dedicate a whole blog to them.  Our partners, 5 Gyres, will get involved too.

Download the Sponsor a Crew document displayed below and pick up the phone or send an email to those eco-concious companies who want to get involved.

– Rally round to a number of companies and businesses to help you out with a smaller amount and  Sponsor a Trawl.