Check List Information and Forms

A few steps need to be taken to secure your place on board Sea Dragon. Firstly, you need to complete two forms provided on online the Crew Profile Form, the Guest Crew Contract and submit Payment for the trip. Upon completion of these three tasks, you will be provided with a Booking Confirmation from Pangaea Exploration, which you may need to provide to customs and immigration along with your Proof of Return Travel and any applicable Visas.

Secondly, you will need to print and bring the following documents to the boat: Medical Form, Proof of Travel Insuranceas well as a copy of your Diving Certificate and DAN Insurance if you plan to dive. You will not be able to board the boat without having completed the documents listed above, so please take special care to ensure that they are all submitted beforehand or printed and brought with to the boat. See below for more information.

The check list below contains all of the documents that we need for your trip along with a timeline for when these documents need to be submitted.

Documentation Check List

Submit before your trip:

Carry as travel documents (for customs and immigration):

  • Booking Confirmation from Pangaea Explorations
  • Proof of Return Travel
  • Visas (if applicable)

Bring hard copies to the boat:

  • Medical Form
  • Proof of Travel Insurance
  • Diving Certificate (if diving)
  • Proof of DAN Insurance (if diving)

Form Links and Further Details

Crew Profile Form (link to form)

Please fill out and submit this form, which includes your passport, visa and flight information. It also gives you the opportunity to create a little public profile – picture, background and goals – this will be shared to the rest of the crew and online.

Guest Crew Contract (link to form)

Please fill out, sign and submit this form, which outlines Pangaea Exploration’s agreements and expectations.

Payment Information

Your registration is complete with cleared payment of a 50% deposit. Your complete payment is due no later than 6 weeks prior to departure. Prices are set, and settled in $US. Payments may be made via check, direct deposit (bank transfer), or over PayPal (at an additional 2.9%). See below for further instructions:

1.     Check

Make the check payable to “Pangaea Exploration LLC”
Mail to our postal address: Pangaea Exploration, 3238 Emathla Street, Miami, Florida, 33133, USA

2.     Direct Deposit

Please email us for bank account details.

3.     PayPal

If you would like to pay via PayPal using a credit card or your PayPal balance please contact for further information.

*Payment: Please submit your payment as soon as possible to secure your spot on Sea Dragon.

Booking Confirmation from Pangaea Exploration

This document is intended to provide proof of your intended departure from the country where your trip originates, which is often required by immigrations when entering a new country.

*Please print and bring this form to show to an immigration officer upon request.

Passport, Visas and Immigration

All crew members will require a valid passport to sail. This passport must be up to date, and should not expire for at least 6 months past the date of travel.

It is your responsibility to organise the appropriate visas for your trip. Please see the attached itinerary for details of countries you will be visiting.

Although you will be on board Sea Dragon as a ‘working’ crew member, when filling in immigration or visa forms, this must not be confused with ‘paid work’ or ‘employment’. We suggest your response to the question – ‘The Purpose of Your Trip’ – is ‘tourism’ or ‘vacation’.

When stating your local address, “Sailing Vessel Sea Dragon”, should suffice.

Please ensure you carry proof of onward travel details with you at all times when travelling to join the boat. This will include your Sea Dragon expedition ticket and return flight itinerary. You may need to show these when checking-in for your flight to join the expedition, or on arrival in the country where you are to board Sea Dragon.

*VisaPlease bring a copy of the visa(s) you needed to obtain for your expedition to the boat – this will be collected when you arrive.

*Proof of Return TravelPlease bring a copy of your return travel document to the boat (this will most likely be a copy of your return plane ticket) – this will be collected when you arrive.

Medical Information

You are responsible for obtaining all required vaccinations and health prevention measures prior to arrival. If you have any medical concerns please contact our Ship’s Doctor, Dr Spike Briggs, Medical Support Offshore, anytime before, during, or after the voyage

*Medical Form

This form includes your basic medical history as well as any important medical information we may need in case of an emergency. Please complete and bring this form to the boat – this will be collected when you arrive.

Insurance Information

You are responsible for ensuring that you have insurance to cover shore based medical treatment, rescue and medical evacuation if required. You may want to check with your provider to ensure you will be covered if you have a medical emergency while travelling.

*Proof of Travel Insurance: Please bring a copy of your travel insurance documentation to the boat – this will be collected when you arrive.


In order to be eligible to dive with Pangaea Exploration you will need to possess both an open water certification as well as dive accident insurance from DAN (Divers Alert Network).  More information on purchasing dive insurance with DAN is provided on the website:

Although the boat has 6 sets of Sherwood scuba gear, we encourage you to bring your own equipment.  Tanks are provided and there is a compressor on board.

*Dive CertificationPlease bring a copy of your Dive Certification Card to the boat – this will be collected when you arrive.

*DAN InsurancePlease bring a copy of your DAN Insurance Card to the boat – this will be collected when you arrive.