Cayman to Key West Day #2

Apr 09 2014

The evening of Day 2 underway found us just off the coast of Cuba, hoping for a favorable windshift that would allow an easy turn east and a quick reach over the next few days to Key West. The usual first night sleeplessness was made worse by the hot and humid weather, but with a few busy watches complete everyone is settling into the routine of shipboard life. We saw dolphins, flying fish, and the occasional ship sharing this part of the ocean with us. Eric treated us to a delicious chicken and salad dish, the leftovers of which were unfortunately pitched into the cockpit courtesy of a nasty swell.

An offshore passage is a truly special experience for those of us who spend most of our time ashore. Your world is reduced to 72 feet of steel, fiberglass, and Dacron. Even in this short trip, the solitude of scanning the horizon and seeing no signs of human life is powerful.

–¬†Thomas Charpentier