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ARC Transatlantic | Gran Canaria to St. Lucia

$4,700/ £3,650
Nov 13 – Dec 17, 2017

Depart: Gran Canaria
Arrive: St Lucia
Length: 35 days, 34 nights
Focus: Adventure Sailing


The ARC is a ‘must do’ for many sailors, and attracts over 200 boats and 1200 people every year to sail 2700 NM across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia.
The ARC is for everyone; families with children, tough racers, cruising couples, big boats and modest boats. Crossing the Atlantic together, but having their own adventures. More than just a boat race, the ARC is about friendships made ashore in the two weeks of pre-departure activities continued over the radio net at sea. It’s about arriving in Saint Lucia to be met on the dock with a rum punch and a chilled beer, knowing you have achieved something fantastic – crossing an ocean on a small sailboat.” –
Join the crew of Sea Dragon to race in the ARC transatlantic rally – we’ll enjoy the festivities, go out for some practice, and meet the other crews before we depart, then set sail across the Atlantic for a once in a lifetime ocean crossing opportunity.  In St. Lucia, you’ll be able to explore this spectacular island as well as participate in all the parties, award ceremonies, and special events put on by the ARC.

Eric Loss – Skipper

Eric has been sailing competitively since his time as a a young mariner and in 2011 he sailed around the world single-handed, and told his story in Loss at Sea.

Eric has been Captain on board Sea Dragon since January 2013 and he loves to facilitate the understanding of and connection to the sea for all of those who come on board.

Shanley McEntee – First Mate

Shanley has been all over the world and covered over 40,000 miles on all different types of sailing yachts and loves to do everything from scuba diving to surfing to swimming.

With a degree in Environmental Policy and Marine Science, Shanley continues to explore the world and the different issues mother earth faces. She’s full time with Sea Dragon as First Mate since January of 2013.

Nov 13:  Crew arrive on board, move in
Nov 14:  Safety Briefings, introductions, day sail
Nov 16:  ARC events, explore Gran Canaria
Nov 17:  Day Sail practice,
Nov 18:  ARC events, explore Gran Canaria
Nov 19:  Race Starts!
Nov 20 – Dec 6:  Underway to Gran Canaria
Dec 6 – Dec 15:  Explore St. Lucia (and maybe Dominica too)
Dec 16:  Arc Prize Ceremony
Dec 17:  Crew depart

Contribution Includes:
– 34 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon
– All meals, snacks and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to Gran Canaria and from St Lucia
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

All crew members will require a passport from their home country that will allow them to travel to Gran Canaria and into St Lucia by sea. Please look into the specific type of visa you need for arriving at these destinations by sea: