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Adventure Sailing | Bermuda to Caribbean

$1,990/ £1,300
Nov 12 – 20, 2016

Depart: Bermuda
Arrive: Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas
Length: 9 days 8 nights
Focus: Sailing


Sail from the beautiful pink sand beaches of Bermuda to the white sand, and blue sea of Virgin Islands. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking to gain some offshore miles or a beginner looking for an exciting trip, this voyage has something for everyone. We’ll have daily classroom and hands on sessions to teach the fundamentals of sailing and passage making as we sail over 800 nautical miles across the Atlantic to St. Thomas.

Imogen Nash – Skipper

To Imo it feels just as natural being in the water as out, a true water baby spending much of her upbringing by the water on the south coast of the UK. Growing up in small sailing dinghy’s and swimming competitively; she has now been working as a professional Skipper for the past 7 years. Covering many miles all over the world, focusing a lot in the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Over these years she has built a huge passion for the world’s oceans, the environment and protecting nature.

Imogen is a crew member on her local RNLI LifeBoat and loves to spend her days in the ocean; diving, surfing & kite surfing she also has a true love for photography. Holding her MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Ocean, MCA/RYA Cruising instructor, MCA Ship’s Captain Medical & PADI Rescue Diver.

Harry Robinson – First Mate

Harry has grown up as a avid sailor starting off in the Sea Scouts on the South Coast of the UK. A true water man & a huge passion for engineering. Harry built a jeep at the age of 16 which took him and a couple of friends on a few surf trips throughout Europe. After getting a degree in Marine Engineering in 2008, Harry taught Design & Technology at a secondary school. Whilst at school & university, he volunteered his time at a Sail Training Organisation. Loving teaching but wanting to spread his knowledge further he decided to take up for sailing as a profession in 2010 so got his MCA/RYA Yachtmaster Ocean & MCA/RYA Cruising Instructor he also holds his MCA Ships Captain Medical and is now working towards his MCA Master 200.

Harry has a recently got a workshop on the south coast of the UK, restoring traditional boats & building bespoke wooden surfboards. He has covered many miles all over the world & built up an extensive knowledge and passion for environmental issues, his heart lies within the ocean; sailing, surfing & kitesurfing.

Thomas ‘Owen’ McMahon – Deckhand

Having started sailing with the family at the age of seven Tom has always loved being on the open water, whether as crew on yachts or just messing about in dinghies. Realising a life on land would never make him truly happy he began sailing professionally in 2010. After gaining a yachtmaster offshore he has gone on to work delivering yachts as well as spending years working on superyachts looking after not only the people on board but the boats too. Whilst enjoying this life at sea he realised that a better way to spend his time would be to help people to enjoy what he had done growing up. So now when not on Sea Dragon, Tom also teaches people how to sail as an IYT instructor, so that they can not only enjoy the sea and all it has to offer, but also learn from direct experience a sense of connection with the environment which can only be found on the ocean.

Charles Hanson

Background and area of expertise

Engineering background. Specializing in energy efficiency for industrial, commercial, and institutional applications.

Goals and aims for the expedition

In it for the adventure and to take advantage of a great opportunity to do something I likely wouldn’t have had a chance to do.

Grace Metcalfe

Background and area of expertise

I started sailing in 2003 on a UK sail training vessel’s. With that I became a volunteer for a few trusts in he UK while I was in collage, but then in 2006 the opportunity came up to first mate on STV James Cook on a voyage to Iceland which was utterly amazing. After catching the sailing bug I became skipper in 2009 until the current date and have had an amazing time sailing with young people of Northern England with voyages into the Baltic, Iceland, Norway and all around the British Isle including Ireland.

Goals and aims for the expedition

Sail to and from some amazing places. As sailing in the North Sea it would be nice to be somewhere hot, sunny and if I get wet on the foredeck!! not to get frost bite at the same time 😉 Navigate by the sexton if possible as I would like to complete my ocean ticket.

Kelly Marie Osborn

Background and area of expertise

I have an eclectic background. Having a Bachelor degree in political science from University of Wisconsin-Madison, I also studied in the UW Sociology PhD program. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I left that program and worked in IT at UW for six years. I returned to graduate school to earn a Master’s in urban planning, specializing in energy analysis and policy. I worked for a renewable energy advocacy NGO, until leaving to form my own nonprofit organization. For the past 15 years, I’ve been a licensed wildlife rehabilitator as well, rescuing, caring for, and releasing back to the wild, injured and orphaned wildlife. I founded and am director of a Wisconsin WildCare. WWC rehabilitates wildlife, but also works to educate the public and government agencies regarding wildlife, as well as to advocate for progressing and science-based wildlife-related regulations.

Goals and aims for the expedition

I am so excited to have the opportunity to sail once more with the Sea Dragon! My goals are to learn more about sailing, meet interesting people and to contribute as best I can as a member of the crew.

Peter Ross

Background and area of expertise

38 years working in the medical electronics field for OEM’s and third party companies service operations. Retired 3 years ago as Senior Operations Manager for Trinity Health’s Clinical Engineering group. Seasons of sailing experience on the Great Lakes as a teenager and again in the recent past 10-12 years.

Goals and aims for the expedition

* A safe and enjoyable passage from Bermuda to St Thomas.
* To be a positive contributor to the above goal and to other crew members and Pangaea Exlploration’ stated goals and aims during this passage.
* To become better educated on the issues and concerns around pollution of oceans and waterways of the world.

Nov 12: Guest crew join Sea Dragon in St. George’s, Bermuda at 1400. Everyone will have an opportunity to settle into the yacht, and put away their personal belongings. The captain and first mate will give crew a safety and expedition briefing, followed by basic safety training. After an evening meal, the crew will retire and sleep on Sea Dragon for the night.

Nov 13: After Clearing Customs, Sea Dragon will depart Bermuda and head out to sea.

Nov 14 – 18: Sailing!

Nov 19: Sea Dragon will arrive in St. Thomas, and clear Customs & Immigration, then if conditions are right we can go snorkeling or swimming on some of the reefs off the south coast of the island.

Nov 20: Crew will be able to leave the boat by 1200

*Itinerary subject to change based on weather and willingness to ‘say yes more’ to spontaneous possibilities 😉

Contribution Includes:
– 8 nights accommodation on Sea Dragon
– All meals, snacks and drinks on board
– Sailing Instruction
– Safety equipment and foul weather gear

Contribution does not include:
– Transportation to Bermuda and from the Caribbean
– Transportation to and from the boat
– Additional nights spent ashore
– Personal expenses while in port

All crew members will require a passport from their home country that will allow them to travel to both Bermuda and the United States. There may be specific requirements for individuals from countries outside of North America. In particular, most nationalities will require a B1/B2 visa to enter the US by sea, even if you normally don’t need a visa to visit the USA. For specific visa information visit www.travel.state.gov/visa.