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eXXpedition Round Britain | Cardiff to Belfast

The ‘E’ in ‘WOBBLE By Kat Law – Deckhand After a busy couple of days in Cardiff, the eXXpedition crew and I were getting ready to set sail again. Skipper Diane assigned me the task of ‘wobbling’ the engine. To the uninitiated this is an acronym in order to remember the points of checking the engine: ‘w’ for water, ‘o’ […]


eXXpedition Round Britain | Plymouth to Cardiff

 A baptism of bouncy seas By Kat Law – Deckhand Despite being secured to the dock in Cardiff, having completed our first journey on the eXXpedition voyage circumnavigating the UK, the guest crew has had little chance for down time as they have a full program of activities. However, I have had a small chance to reflect on the journey […]


Officially A Sailor

by Damona Brown – Guest Crew Manta Trawling on Sea Dragon Today, at sea it was very calm and eventful I began on watch duty at 12pm. Then, Dr. Edwards decided to include some science. We took out the Manta trawl and set it up in the sea to catch organisms and other things like plastics. While I waited I […]