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  • sea dragon sailing bermuda

    Getting Ready

    Here on board Sea Dragon, the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity. We returned from a very successful trip with The Ocean Cleanup on Saturday, and on Monday we head back out to sea with BAMZ, the punchily-acronymed Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo. In the intervening time, we are getting the boat ready for our voyage to Iceland with The 5 Gyres Institute.

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  • Boyan Slaat Photo

    Smooth Sailin’

    The calm, clear skies made trawl deployment and recovery very easy. The weather, in conjunction with the ease of deployment, was welcomed by the very wary crew! The only ‘problem’ we had at one point was a pesky Cahow trying to investigate the equipent and whether or not he could make a tasty meal out of it.

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  • ocean gyre trawling plastic

    Stars, Satellites, and Sea Lights

    As our eyes began to adjust even more to the night sky, we were able to pick out more and more aspects that only being on the ocean in the dead of night would present. The waves crashed against the bow, and we created a wake as we travelled further south. It excited some of the smallest marine organisms called plankton, causing them to illuminate and dance in the sea beneath us.

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  • Winston Blog 4

    Trawl Baby Trawl

    Being able to see the moon, the stars, and planets was breathtaking, and certainly not something we see everyday. There was also enough wind at the time to allow for straight sailing. As a result, we were able to turn off the boat engine and have the waves be the background soundtrack for our watch. We were also treated to a beautiful sunrise, painting the sky various hues of pink, orange, red and blue.

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  • Winston Blog 3

    Smells like salty team spirit?

    Early observations of the samples show that most of the plastic and debris was being found in the top three nets, so approximately the first meter of the water column. Julia, the scientist spearheading this project, has her work cut out for her as she analyses the information collected. Once the two trawls were completed for the day, it was time for lunch – quesadillas or Casey-dillas, as they were renamed by Casey.

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  • Top Of Mast

    Casting Off!

    Today we officially casted off for what will be the last time until we return to Bermuda. We were a little slow casting off due to the customs officers having difficulties with locks and keys. Once those issues were sorted, we were quickly on our […]

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  • Sea Dragon Bermuda To Gyre

    From Scattered Bolts to A Cohesive Unit

    We’ve got a mix of 13 crew members from all over, including the UK, Holland, United States, Brazil, Sweden, and one person all the way from Bermuda! We spent the larger part of the morning assembling our multi-level trawl, which is paramount in collecting any plastic debris. It collects debris at various levels to create a depth profile of plastics within the gyre.

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  • sailing rough weather

    Race to Bermuda

    We’ve finally got some breeze again after a few interminable days of motorboating towards Bermuda and have had a glorious day sailing upwind, doing 8, sometimes 9 or 10 knots through the waves.

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  • Dragon Sailing1

    The Here and Now

    Here, I follow each movement of the ship that appears in the distance with much excitement, and I greet every seabird like a long lost friend. It didn’t matter how I would make it to Bermuda, what would happen tomorrow, or even how I would survive those first four hours.

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  • bermuda sailing

    Glowin’ in the Dark

    …. [A]s the sunset and darkness set in around us, the bioluminescence began to show itself. I have never seen anything like it; the way the crashing waves sent these tiny creatures into a tizzy, causing them to glow in the dark!

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