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  • Amazing Circus Cats 2

    Dominique and his Amazing Circus Cats

    If you walk a bit further South along the waterfront, you’ll soon come to the best show in Key West. At first, it is a bit unprepossessing – what is this grey-haired, scraggly man wearing outrageous cat socks doing with all those cages?

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  • Cayman To Key West 1

    A Look Back: Cayman to Key West

    We are here in Key West! Our sail lasted only three days, a short passage. The storm helped push us along; in fact, we clocked out at an all time high of 13.3 knots! I have never had so much fun puking, and would do it all again in a heart beat (may try a different nausea medication though).

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  • Moonlight

    A Thick Black Line Obscuring the Horizon

    … A thick black line obscured the horizon, where just minutes before was nothing but grey overcast. We quickly rolled the yankee and got a first reef in the main before it hit, with horizontal rain and steady winds blowing 40-45 kts stinging our eyes.

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  • Sunset

    Cayman to Key West Day #2

    The evening of Day 2 underway found us just off the coast of Cuba, hoping for a favorable windshift that would allow an easy turn east and a quick reach over the next few days to Key West.

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  • Alex Lowering The Dinghy

    Cayman to Key West

    On Sunday, we set sail from Grand Cayman! Weather was awesome, partly cloudy with a 17 knot breeze from the east; on a broad reach all day. Among the excitement was Shanley cleaning the poop deck three times.

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