Pangaea’s One Water Story

Jun 17 2013

The One Water Story

Writing the One Water Story. Photo taken from

Writing the One Water Story. Photo taken from

As human beings, we are connected through our stories. Stories are a way to share with our peers, relive experiences, teach and illuminate others. Stories draw us in; make us feel as if we are a part of them. They take us on a mental journey, and provide us an escape from our daily existence. They shape who we are, what we believe, and they give us hope that anything is possible.

The One Water Story is the story of Pangaea’s summer expedition to the Great Lakes of North America. It is a story all about connection.

It’s a story that connects us with our water. It’s a story about the connections within our water sources- from our lakes, to our rivers and to our oceans. It’s about how the stories our waters tell can dictate our actions, and lead us towards positive changes for our environment.

Pangaea Exploration’s crew will be writing, filming, photographing and experiencing the One Water Story this summer, as we sail into one of the world’s largest collection of freshwater bodies on our most ambitious expedition yet.

Pangaea hopes to bring together the history, issues and stories of the Great Lakes, and connect them with the stories we have collected through our many ocean sailing adventures in the past. We aim to show that throughout the world, the water that continually cycles through our lakes, rivers, streams and atmosphere connects all of our actions.

Less than 1% of the water on the planet is accessible freshwater, making it an extremely valuable resource. One fifth of all of the accessible freshwater in the world is contained in the Great Lakes. By taking action to improve the Great Lakes ecosystem now, we can create changes that will help improve all of our precious water sources, and keep our environment healthy for future generations.

Throughout our research sailing adventure, we will investigate current lake conditions, through ‘citizen science’ based research techniques. Our guest crew will have the opportunity to take part in the gathering of scientific data, and inform the world about what problems we need to act on most urgently.

Our outreach events and community developments will highlight the work of the many businesses, scientists and organizations focused on creating environmental change. We hope to encourage and connect these groups and individuals, helping them to create a more solid network of support for future water initiatives.

Sunset over our water in Lake Ontario, Canada

Sunset over our water in Lake Ontario, Canada

As we sail through this unique and breathtaking ecosystem, the One Water Story will unfold. Our guest crew will be contributing their daily writings, photos, and art, giving us their impressions of the landscape, the science, and life on board a research sailing vessel. Once complete, the One Water Story will be published, so that others can experience our Great Lakes adventure, and hopefully be inspired to add to story through their own words and actions.

Adventurers on Board Sea Dragon

Adventurers on Board Sea Dragon

One of the most important elements of a good story is its characters-that’s where you come in! We are still looking for adventurers to join our crew, support us at outreach events, and let the world know about our story. This is a truly unique opportunity, and one we hope can be shared with as many people in the Great Lakes as possible.  Join us, and be a part of a story filled with hope, exploration, learning, adventure, and excitement!

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact Expedition Coordinator Asta Mail, at

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