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The price of plastic: saving the ocean from humanities worst addiction

Written by Joe Thomas What’s the price of a bottle of water, or a ready meal from the corner shop? One pound? Two ninety-nine? The real cost is probably more than you realise. That’s because our addiction to plastic is responsible for one of the worst ecological disasters of the modern age: the build up of plastic in the world’s oceans. […]


Turning Marker – making an important shift across Pangaea

At Pangaea, our 2 part mission, anchored in a wonderfully powerful phrase by the Lorax, guides everything that we do. 1. To actively strengthen the health of marine life through Exploration, Conservation and Education work. 2. To inspire and develop a new generation of leaders in conservation science, communication, education, art and policy leadership. “Unless someone like you cares a […]


How Ocean Pollution Affects Humans

The ocean plays a monumental part for life on our planet. It covers over 72% of the world’s surface and provides over 70% of the oxygen that we breathe. It is a giant body of water, which is the largest and most diverse ecosystem on the planet. Without the oceans we would not exist. The oceans are our planets lifeblood, […]