Upcoming Expeditions

    Sept 6 - 16, 2015

    Fish for the Future | Canaries to Senegal


    Whether you eat fish, study fish, work with fish, paint fish or just care about life on earth JOIN US for an extraordinary 2 week journey from Cape Verde to Senegal exploring this issue.

    Sep 27 - Oct 4, 2015

    Exploring Mindset | Mississippi


    Join us on the mighty Mississippi River for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take part in a moving retreat designed for those who are ready for a personal or work-based transition.

    Jan 2 - Jan 12, 2016

    Art on the Edge | Guyana to Trinidad

    Emily Penn art1

    Join this expedition sailing from Guyana to Trindad, as part of a team of scientists and artists in residence on the world famous Sea Dragon, trying to re-think and re-imagine our future.

Recent Blog Posts

Rainbow Ocean

Project Ocean: Larger Than Us

We are part of a greater system – not above, beyond and outside it. If the ocean flounders, so will we. It’s environmental preservation, but self-preservation too. So go outside. Breathe the air. Taste the water. Go on a mini (or a massive) adventure. We cannot protect what we do not love and we cannot love what we do not feel connected to, so that’s my advice and that is what I am taking from Project Ocean 2015.


Gyre to Gaia II: The island of Graciosa in the distance

We hope to find some shelter from the wind under Graciosa, where we plan to carry out our final trawls. These will give Adam a useful comparison between island and open ocean waters. Then we will sail the remaining 25 miles down the east coast of Lanzarote to Arrecife, our final destination on this trip.

Version 2

Gyre to Gaia II: At sea, thinking about how we live our lives at home

At six people, we’re a rather small crew for this boat, and our four-hour shifts make me feel like a newborn baby — constantly put to bed and soon awoken abruptly, given food and drink, and thrust from my cocoon of a hammock-bed into a precarious waterworld above, strapped to the ship by a safety leash. But the crew is healthy and able, the weather’s been gorgeous, playful-seeming dolphins dance along the boat during the day, and magical-seeming bioluminescence dances along at night, and there’s no sign of human life in any direction.