Upcoming Expeditions

    May 17 – May 24, 2014

    The Ocean Cleanup | Gyre Expedition #3

    Join us!

    Join the Ocean Cleanup and Pangaea Exploration on this amazing research expedition around the Sargasso Sargasso Sea!

    May 03 – May 11, 2014

    Sail Training | Key West to Bermuda

    Sunset in Cayman

    Join the crew of Sea Dragon for an exciting sail through the Sargasso Sea to the beautiful island of Bermuda. You will experience every aspect of life at sea as we rush across the Atlantic.

    Apr 5 – Apr 11, 2014

    Sail Training | Cayman to Key West


    Sea Dragon will re-trace the path of Caymanian fisherman and traders, sailing from the turtle rich waters of Grand Cayman to the bustling life of Key West. Join us for this unforgettable adventure!

Recent Blog Posts

amazing circus cats 2

Dominique and his Amazing Circus Cats

If you walk a bit further South along the waterfront, you’ll soon come to the best show in Key West. At first, it is a bit unprepossessing – what is this grey-haired, scraggly man wearing outrageous cat socks doing with all those cages?

Cayman to Key West #1

A Look Back: Cayman to Key West

We are here in Key West! Our sail lasted only three days, a short passage. The storm helped push us along; in fact, we clocked out at an all time high of 13.3 knots! I have never had so much fun puking, and would do it all again in a heart beat (may try a different nausea medication though).


A Thick Black Line Obscuring the Horizon

… A thick black line obscured the horizon, where just minutes before was nothing but grey overcast. We quickly rolled the yankee and got a first reef in the main before it hit, with horizontal rain and steady winds blowing 40-45 kts stinging our eyes.