Upcoming Expeditions

    Jan 2 - Jan 12, 2016

    Art on the Edge with Dr Emma Camp | Guyana to Trinidad

    Emily Penn art1

    Join this expedition sailing from Guyana to Trindad, as part of a team of scientists and artists in residence on the world famous Sea Dragon, trying to re-think and re-imagine our future.

    24 April - 4 May 2016

    Bermuda Triangle

    Sea Dragon Sunburst

    A sailing adventure from BVI to Bermuda. Details coming soon!

    Sept 25 - Oct 2 2016



    Join us on the mighty Mississippi River, where we will travel south from Memphis by canoe, camp on sandbars, hold discussions by the campfire beneath the stars, and prepare perfectly for life’s next step.

Recent Blog Posts


Land A’Hoy!

10.30am, Tuesday 24 November. Land has been sighted. Heather has won the game – first one to spot land doesn’t have to help with the dinghy. To put this into context, sherking dinghy duties is the ultimate prize today and something to be very smug about. Re-erecting the dinghy has been a job both Holly and I have been dreading […]



I want to describe ”watch”. A totally unatural but necessary evil that advances the plot of sailing. It entails so many triumphal moments that I feel compelled to illuminate it in mind-numbing detail in order for all of us to understand this discipline; watch. I asked about it on the first day, silly me, and the First Mate, Emily did […]



There has been a lot of talk about survival lately. We have run out of eggs, a few bags of bread left and no more fresh fruits and vegetables. Emily had to round up and ration the remaining cans of fruit. She announched the other day the fruit cans will be divided during meal times so no more sneaking around […]