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Writing at Sea – A final dispatch, on trust and strength and saving the world

One thing we can all agree on is that we had the adventure of a lifetime, one that we’ll be writing about for months to come. As the mission leader, I hope that everyone will also reflect on the anthropogenic challenges humans are placing on the oceans, and contemplate ways we can make the world a better place.


Writing at Sea – The Wonders of an Expedition

The wonders of this expedition add on, with each passing day and it becomes increasingly difficult for me to do a rating from 1-10. The star-canopied sky brings immense pleasure on Night Watch. Yesterday, Shanley, Ally and I spoke about the constellations. I tell them how my father taught my siblings and me, to identify the Great Bear, with its shape like a question mark. In India, we also call it the “Saptarishi,” or the Seven Sages with the little star, next to them, symbolic of the steadfast wife of one of them, Arundhati. At Hindu weddings, whatever the time of the day, the groom takes his bride out and points out to that star.


Writing at Sea – Impressions of Sailing and being on Sea

The proximity of close confines can bring with it bonding (as the days, move on) or it could work the other way. So far, it has been a good journey with each one displaying a keenness for peaceful co-existence in the time that Chance or Providence has brought us together. The shared laughter, the pulling together and the learning will stay with me for the rest of my years.