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Our Director, Emily Penn, Wins the Fitzoy Award at The Ocean Awards!

The Ocean Awards has recognised our very own director, Emily Penn with the FitzRoy Award. Named after the captain of the Beagle, on which Darwin made his famous voyage of discovery to the Galápagos, this award is for the adventurer or explorer who achieved the most to further ocean conservation in the past 12 months. With lots of mentions of […]


Major source of microplastic pollution

Every time we do our washing, millions of little pieces of microplastics are released into the waste water. Just by doing the laundry we are all contributing to plastic pollution. The first results of the Life+ Mermaids research have proved that washing is a major source of plastic soup. The Plastic Soup Foundation has made a videoclip for Mermaids about […]


50 Facts about the Ocean that will Surprise you!

OUR OCEANS ARE FILLED WITH WONDERS THAT YOU CAN’T REALLY IMAGINE The Earth’s oceans are a world of mystery, magic and beauty. It’s this apart from anything else that lures divers into their depths. There is a seemingly endless array of fascinating facts about our oceans. Many of these facts are incredibly interesting, but some will defy your imagination. THERE’S […]